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Expectant Parents

The arrival of your baby is approaching soon! Expectant parents can notify their hospital at the time of registration as to who their pediatrician will be.  If you are delivering at Edward Hospital, they will notify us after your baby is born.  Depending on the time of birth, a Milestone Pediatrics provider will be in the same day or the next to see your baby.  The provider will give your baby a complete exam and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Babies born at another facility will see an on staff pediatrician during their hospital stay and will follow up at our office after discharge.

48-72 hours after discharge from the hospital, we will see your baby in our office.  You may have a number of questions, and we look forward to answering them.  We'll also conduct another examination of your baby and talk more with you about feeding and other newborn issues. 

Please remember to add your baby to your insurance plan AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Most insurance plans have only a short window of time when this can be done. 

Our schedule of office visits for the first year will follow a plan similar to this:

     1 month exam
     2 month exam
     4 month exam
     6 month exam
     9 month exam
     12 month exam

Your child will receive a full exam and immunizations.  We will also discuss safety, feeding, your child's development, and provide guidance for the upcoming months. We look forward to caring for your baby!